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Real Name : Rose Arianna McGowan
Birth : 5 September 1973, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Height : 5' 4"

Born September 5, 1973, to Terri and Daniel McGowan (both of French and Irish origin, respectively), Rose Arianna McGowan is the second eldest of six siblings. She was raised, until the age of nine, within the Italian chapter of the Children of God; an extremist Christian, anti-American cult.

During the early 80s, her family severed ties with the community and migrated to Eugene, Oregon, USA. Following her parents divorce, Rose relocated to Gig Harbour, Washington, to live with her grandmother. At age 14, McGowan was falsely accused of drug abuse by a family friend and committed to drug rehabilitation. She has consistently maintained that the decision was unjustified, and detrimental to her mental health. Upon release, she spent a year as a disadvantaged youth before legally declaring independence from her family at age 15.

Her early formal education includes attendance at Roosevelt High School, and Nova Alternative High School. Further education includes a stint at UCLA, and qualifications as a licensed beauty operator. McGowan's career as an actor sincerely began in 1995, with a leading role in Doom Generation.

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Rose McGowan Naked